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February 20-March 9
Hong Ha & Bac Son
Thua Thien Hue Province
March 14-30, 2012
Hoa Quy & Hoa Hai
Da Nang, Vietnam
Nine heart opera-
tions, including two
that were essentially
life-saving, and a visit
to the new FOMC
Clinic highlighted the
mission service of two
medical teams.
The first team served
three days in Hong Ha
some forty kilometers
west of Hue City. Daily
the team endured an
hour plus drive each
way on bumpy, twist-
ing roads to minister at
the new FOMC (See
above). Most of the
patients were poor
Vietnamese, the ma-
jority farmers.
The team then trav-
eled to A Luoi, near
the border of Laos,
sixty-five kilometers
from Hue. They worked
three days in Bac Son
seeing mostly ethnic
minority patients from
the Pac Co tribe, as
well as other poor Kinh
Usually VWAM
humanitarian teams
work seven days,
but inexplicably the
Vietnamese limited
the team to only six
days. When que-
ried, the authorities
gave no explana-
tion for the depar-
ture. Also, a new
requirement had
to be met for this
team and future
teams. VWAM
now has to have
at least one physi-
cian and one
pharmacist on fu-
ture teams. In the
past Nurse Practi-
tioners and Physician
Assistants could pro-
vide services without
an MD.
The Floyd Olsen Me-
morial Clinic opened
this past year and re-
placed the 1996 clinic
built in the MIA’s honor.
Over $25,000 was given
by Olsen friends and
VWAM toward it’s con-
struction. The team
made a gift to the kin-
dergarten in Hong Ha
($325) and sponsored the
new herbal garden ($375
donation) at the FOMC.
At Bac Son, the Ensign
Foundation sponsored a
heart operation (See top
of page) and donated
$6,600 to the Medicine
Fund. Women on the also
team presented a $400 gift
to renovate the OB-GYN
room. This was done on
International Women’s
Day, a major holiday in
Vietnam. This first team
also sponsored a second
heart operation.
The Da Nang Hoa Quy &
Hoa Hai team sponsored
seven heart procedures!
This team worked seven
days providing $23,000+ in
surgeries, wheelchairs and
two self-propelled three-
wheel carts for the dis-
abled, walkers, canes, and
other medicines.
Heart Operations; New Floyd Olsen
Clinic Highight Team’s Service
Hong Ha/Bac Son &
Hoa Hai/Hoa Quy
Team Statistics
1,120 patients exam-
ined at Hong Ha/Bac
Son & 1,212 patients at
Hoa Hai/Hoa Quy.
278 pairs of reading
glasses given to Bac
Son Clinic & 471 pairs of
eyeglasses given to
Hoa Quy Clinic.
$3,975 for two heart
procedures one each
in Hong Ha/Bac Son;
$21,976 for seven heart
surgeries at Hoa Hai (6)
& Hoa Quy (1).
$6,945 the value of
meds given to patients
in Hong Ha/Bac Son
and $7,784 for meds at
Hoa Hai/Hoa Quy.
Each patient got hy-
giene items, vitamins,
$1,458 at Hong Ha/Bac
Son & $1,932 at Hoa
Hai/Hoa Quy for hospi-
talizations, lab tests, x-
rays, ultra-sounds, mi-
nor surgeries, etc.
$3,167 expended at
Hong Ha/Bac Son &
Hoa Hai/Hoa Quy for 31
wheelchairs, 2 self-
propelled carts, 9 pairs
of crutches, 18 canes, 8
walkers, and 2 pairs of
special eyeglasses.
Lord & Ward Health Update
Emails and telephone calls have inquired about the status of Hong Ha/Bac
Son team member Ken Lord, and the on-going recovery of Chuck Ward,
VWAM’s Executive Director, from bacterial pneumonia.
Ken is doing great! He reports his Cardiologist was impressed with the care
he received at Hue Central Hospital’s Cardiac Institute, and he complimented
the procedure (Angiogram) the Vietnamese physicians performed. Read the
team “Blog” for more on Ken’s adventure at
Chuck most likely contracted pneumonia from a patient during the first clinic
in Da Nang. Originally diagnosed as Bronchitis, his condition worsened. Team
physician Dr. Bill Jenkins said he needed a chest x-ray, and Family Medical
Practice (Da Nang) confirmed pneumonia after his appointment there. He was
basically quarantined from March 23 on, and couldn't leave Vietnam until April
4 although the team left March 30. Both are expected to make a full recovery.
Team member Gary
Jacobsen, seen above
during the Vietnam War,
who volunteered to stay in
Hue to help Ken Lord dur-
ing his hospitalization!
Team Spotlight!
Vets With A Mission
POB 202 or 1307 Cald-
well Street, 3rd Floor
Newberry, SC 29108
Rickie Lacefiled,
Kristin Van Val-
kenburg, Alicia
Morris & Viola
Gorham with the
Mother and boy ,
the recipient of
the Ensign Foun-
dation $3,400
heart surgery

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The first mobile medical unit to
operate in Vietnam may be intro-
duced into the country as early
as this summer.
After returning from the spring
humanitarian medical mission
teams, VWAM’s Executive Direc-
tor has been busy coordinating
the MMU’s transport to Vietnam
as well as completing the re-
quired documentation of Viet-
namese and US authorities.
The MMU project has to be ap-
proved by the United States
Agency for International Develop-
ment, the United States Air Force
and Navy, the Embassy’s of Viet-
nam and the United States, the
U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi
Minh City, the People’s Aid and
Coordinating Committee, the
Ministry of Health in Hanoi, and
the Prime Minister of Vietnam him-
self has to sign-off on the project.
In addition, VWAM must have
an in-country sponsor who is will-
ing to enter into a partnership
with VWAM and the MMU project.
That partner has come forward. It
is SOMEDCO, the Social and Medical Committee of the Evangelical
Church of Vietnam South. They will use the MMU when VWAM is not.
SOMEDCO’s Dr. Thanh Tran, M.D., stated, “SOMEDCO is delighted to
join Vets With A Mission in this unique and practical application to de-
liver health services to the poor. We are excited to join VWAM in this
effort, and to be associated with an organization that is so well-
respected and known for its
commitment to serving the
people of Vietnam.”
The redesigned and spe-
cially outfitted Winnebago
RV is presently at the Dream
Center Clinic, an outreach
of Seacoast Church, Mt.
Pleasant, SC undergoing
minor repairs and painting.
It’s hoped the MMU can be
flown to Okinawa where it
would be loaded on a US
Naval vessel making a hu-
manitarian visit to Da Nang
in July. Otherwise the MMU will be transported by container ship from
the Port of Charleston, SC.
The MMU Project is in it’s second fundraising phase. A $39,000 two-
year operational fund goal was established to equip, repair, paint,
transport, train and support the project operationally. As of April 15,
$12,467 has been received leaving a balance of $26,533 that needs
to be raised before the MMU can be sent to Vietnam. The MMU will
help VWAM and SOMEDCO provide charity health services.
Chinh will move from Ho Chi
Minh City in June with his wife
Minh Ha and the two children,
Vy and Tien. They will come to
Da Nang from Saigon after com-
pleting their school term.
The first-floor has a living area
that includes a kitchen, bath-
room, and a motorbike/auto
garage. The third-floor area has
another bedroom, living area
and bathroom. The top-floor/
roof design is open with water
tank, solar heater, and a vege-
table/herbal garden.
It’s the second-floor VWAM
would rent to be the future Rep-
resentative Office. It has ample
space for an office, file/records
The City of Da Nang is the likely
location of a “Representative Of-
fice” for Vets With A Mission.
Nguyen Van Chinh, VWAM’s
volunteer coordinator, has built a
house in Hoa Hai not far from Mar-
ble Mountain. With the help of
family, friends, and his personal
investment the three-story house
was completed earlier this year.
room, and storage for medical/
health equipment.
VWAM’s PTO will be renewed
soon. Once that is done proce-
dures will be completed, with as-
sistance from PACCOM and the
guidance of Mr. Tran Kim Cuong,
Expert American Desk, to estab-
lish a Representative Office.
Mobile Medical Unit To Be A Vietnam First
VWAM Applying For Representative Office
2013 Cambodia and Vietnam Trips
VWAM will offer three Humanitarian Medical Mission Team opportunities next year. Teams will go to
Cambodia February 27 - March 15, Vietnam May 29 - June 14 and June 19 - July 5. Locations are Siem
Reap in Cambodia, Hong Ha/A Luoi in Thua Thien Hue Province (1st team), and Da Nang (2nd team).
The Cambodia team will do four days at Pastor Reaksa’s church/school in Siem Reap and three days
with Vietnamese refugees on Ton Le Sap Lake. The first Vietnam team will make a three day visit to A Luoi
near the border with Laos, and then work four days at the Floyd Olsen Clinic in Hong Ha. This team will also
have a special Downs Syndrome component in Hue City. The third and final team of 2013 will work seven
days in the Da Nang area. Please go to “Upcoming Trips” at Vets With A Mission’s web site for more infor-
mation and an application, or contact Chuck Ward at or 803-405-9926.
The Mobile Medical Unit RV is being made ready
for future shipment to Vietnam