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You can have a light Brown hat or a dark brown hat.
This is the latest fashion in lady’s hats.

three teeth left

Listen, I only have three teeth left do you have to take all of them?

young boy

This young boy had a sore on his foot that was infected and full of maggots (this is the after photo). He also had Downs’s syndrome and full of fear for doctors. We won him over with soap and water, candy and antibiotics mixed with lots of love. He is now our friend and has shoes, something he never really had before. He likes us.

two ladies

These two ladies are waiting to see a doctor for examination. They are dissatisfied with the paper work part of the process and wonder what all this is about. They now have a medical history on file with the local medical office and VWAM. Not all paperwork is redundant.

examination room

This is the average examination room during on of our clinics. Each doctor has an English speaking interpreter from the Hue University who is well versed in medical language. These students are eager to help and learn.

Girls just want to have fun

“Girls just want to have fun”… after school and being at the medical clinic with Americans, how could any thing be any better than that. Break out the jump ropes.

new glasses

Ahh,…… new glasses, great smile, but can you do anything for my teeth? How about a new hat?

Bill Kimball with the NVA General

This was taken in the early 1990 in Saigon. We were walking down the street and this old General of the NVA walks past us. We had to talk with this guy and he was very friendly and let us take our pictures with him. This is Bill Kimball with the NVA General in 1990.

Montagnard woman

The photo was taken by Jon Kral and is copywrited.

This is a classic photo from the VWAM archives showing a Montagnard woman from the Bru tribe North of KhaeSanh. When we visited the village she thought the Americans were returning and she dug out her American flag to show us her support. When she first came out of her lodge she was wearing the flag as a shawl. The photographer did not get to her in time to get the picture of her wearing the flag, so he had her hold it us and snapped this photo.

old friends from 1965

These are two of my old friends from 1965. We were in Vietnam together as allies, they heard we were here and wanted to come and look us up and spend some time with us. Old soldiers from a war fought long ago are reunited under the banner of friendship and commitment. It was a good day for me to be with former Arvn soldiers (Army of the Republic of Vietnam). We were delighted to see each other.

One of our more happier patients!

One of our more happier patients!

It’s this one right back here, the one that’s all moldy and Black!

It’s this one right back here, the one that’s all moldy and Black!

Three of the local sweethearts

Three of the local sweethearts who came out to see what all the excitement was about. If we could have we would have adopted all three of these girls.

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